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The office move is now complete. We are now located at 1024 Ival James Blvd Suite C Richmond, KY 40475
Richmond Pain Management Center is incorporated.
Welcome to Richmond Pain Management Center where our motto is "Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional".
Acute pain, such pain resulting from trauma, often has a reversible cause and may require only transient measures and correction of the underlying problem. In contrast, chronic pain often results from conditions that are difficult to diagnose and treat, and that may take a long time to reverse.   At Richmond Pain Management Center, our goal is to provide both short term and long term countermeasures to improve patient quality of life.
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Richmond Pain Management Center is a comprehensive interventional pain center providing care for patients in Central Kentucky.

Through a careful vetting process ...
For patients with chronic pain ..
Dr. Hammad Malik MD recognizes the importance of an integrated approach to pain management; one that's tailored to individual needs

Neck & Back Pain
Arthritic Pain
Peripheral Neuropathy
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