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Our Patients

Richmond Pain Management Center is a comprehensive interventional pain center providing care for patients in Central Kentucky; our patients come from Frankfort, Lexington, Richmond, Berea, London, Danville, and Ashland for the best pain care in Kentucky.

We pride ourselves on having a professional and experienced team of certified healthcare professionals to attend to your needs.

We examine and analyze patient history, risks, and symptoms of all our clients in order to find the pain generator and provide the most effective treatment at the point of cause.

For patients who live in chronic pain, Richmond Pain Management Center's approach is multidisciplinary.  We work closely with referring physicians and specialists to coordinate an individual plan for each patient.

At Richmond Pain Management Center, our goal is to individually coordinate pain treatment plans to meet the needs of each of our patients.

Identify and treat the source(s) of pain
Promote healthy activities and preventative care
Return patients to their desired functional level
Provide cost effective care and minimize reliance on health resources
Coordinate interactive medical services if indicated
Phone: +1 859 353-5907
Toll Free: +1 877 348-6298
FAX: +1 859 353 5683
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