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Signature Procedures
Balloon Kyphoplasty
         Baloon Kyphoplasty (www.kyphon.com)
Medtronic Implantable Pain Therapy

Dr. Hammad Malik MD recognizes the importance of an integrated approach to pain management; one that's tailored to individual needs.  Dr. Malik and his professional team strive to enhance patients' quality of life by reducing acute or chronic pain; thus increasing patients' ability to enjoy daily activities once again.  Richmond Pain Management Center provides procedures and treatments for ..

Sports Injuries
Neck & back pain
Pain after neck or back surgery (Failed Back Surgery Syndrome)
Arthritic pain
Peripheral neuropathy
Upper & lower extremity nerve & joint pain
Headaches of cervical spine origin
Fibromyalgia & myofascial pain syndromes
Unresolved post surgical pain
Industrial and personal injury
Spinal Stenosis
Cancer Pain
CRPS (Complex Reagional Pain Syndrome)
RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
Vertebral fractures
Diabetic leg & feet
Richmond Pain Management Center offers the following procedures:
Caudal steroid injections
Cervical epidural steroid injection
Lumbar radio frequency neurotomy
Lumbar sympathetic block
Medial branch block
Sacroiliac Joint steroid injection
Vertebroplasty (Balloon Kyphoplasty)
Facet joint injections
Lumbar epidural steroid injection
Epidural lysis of adhesions
Lumbar transforaminal epidural steroid injection
Spinal cord stimulator implant
Stellate ganglion block
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